Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Weekly Top 5: Stocks To Watch

Weeks Of February 2-February 13

NovaDel Pharma (NVD): Company recently received FDA approval for its Zolpimist™ 5 mg and 10 mg Oral Spray. NovaDel is currently engaged in commercializing Zolpimist™, which will surely attract big pharma partners. Additionally, NovaDel is currently finalizing commercialization plans for NitroMist™ - which was their first FDA approval. Logic dictates that, with two FDA approvals now under their belt, NovaDel's niche in offering oral spray versions of big name drugs that are currently available in tablet (or non-spray) form- is a bonafide and potentially very-lucrative market. Particularly interesting at this point in time for companies such as NovaDel Pharma, is recent M&A activity from large pharmaceuticals looking to partner up big and small. EDGAR filings, just reported (February 2 and 3), are extremely interesting as well.

GTC Biotherapeutics (GTCB): Company is awaiting approval from the FDA per its transgenic goat-based ATryn® drug. In an historic move, an FDA advisory committee recently endorsed the drug. The FDA decision is due by February 7, 2009. Pharma drugs made from/with genetically-engineered animals is a hot topic, and related final guidelines from the FDA have recently been issued- in anticipation of the Obama administration's pro-stem cell agenda.

Las Vegas Sands (LVS): Casino sector has recently sold-off in tandem with some negative sentiment amongst a few Wall Streeters, however, LVS is now oversold- and with its 20% short-interest squeezing into the coming February broad market rally- this stock is poised to run like mad. Stock came down from a January 6, 2009 high of $9.15 all the way to a low today of $3.89. 52 Week High: $95.26!

Tenet Healthcare (THC): Company has just received a few analyst upgrades- and the stock price has pulled down from a January 9, 2009 high of $1.49 to a close of $1.07 today. As with LVS, this stock can rally 30-40% in a flash with a broad market pop.

Alkermes Inc. (ALKS): Company, fresh off a January 20, 2009 JP Morgan "highest-score" upgrade, has also attracted a lot of other Wall Street proponents. Particularly as healthcare and bio pharma stocks are in favor per defensive strategies in a weak stock market in conjunction with President Obama's healthcare and stem cell pedal-to-the-metal agendas. Company boasts such partners as Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), who are also awaiting an FDA decision due by Valentine's Day 2009 in regard to an sNDA for Rispredal Consta™- an adult bipolar disorder treatment (say that 5 times fast)!

GT McDuffy

(None of the above stocks are recommendations to buy or sell. The author has no positions in any of the stocks mentioned in this article).

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