Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why Kudlow And Cramer Are The Sexiest Men Alive

Yes, George Clooney's hot. So is Brad Pitt, I suppose.
Women love 'em. Men want to be like them. Yeah, sure.

But, they pale in "hotness" when stacked up against the pure and unadulterated sexiness of CNBC's Larry Kudlow and Jim Cramer.

What defines sexy?

To me- it's a man (or woman) who is unafraid to state his case- and stick by his beliefs, to the bitter end. Like a knight fighting for his King and Country, come hell or high-water.

Oprah's incredibly sexy. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She knew Barrack Obama's place and time in history had arrived- and she launched a successful crusade in the face of overwhelming odds and disbelief. She helped change the course of history. She's done this a lot. She's hot.

Henry Paulson's not so sexy. He waivers too much, Real men don't waiver. Real men are smart men- they make the right decisions, so they don't have to waiver.

So why are Kudlow and Cramer so darn hot and sexy?

I am certain that, in some years from now, when the Dow is at 16000, if history were to accurately recall the gloom 'n doom time that was the Great Crash Of The New Millennium, these two men will be remembered as the markets' saviors.

Saviors are sexy, let me tell you.

When we look back to 2007 and 2008, we will see that both Kudlow and Cramer stood fast and tall in the face of relentlessly-terrible, headline-grabbing market pessimism brought on by hordes of irresponsible and self-serving so-called market analysts and "experts" who were paraded in front of the financial world on television and the rest of the New Media- who used and abused their power to access the media in order to advance their own careers, in fact, knowing they were scaring the average citizen and investor into actual financial loss and severe emotional distress. Not unlike calling fire in a crowded move theater.

Yet both Kudlow and Cramer, who clearly understand the global power they possess on CNBC, decided to use their power, and intelligence, not to destroy confidence in the markets, and with the average investor, but, rather, to stand in the face of all those gloom and doom self-serving market mavens, stating their own cases on a daily-basis for market positives. In effect, shutting down the gloom and doom tribe at every turn. Presenting a positive face when everyone else fed on their own self-perpetuating negativity. Offering constructive and insightful- and yes, optimistic, fixes for that which had gone so wrong.

Kudlow with his "planting mustard seeds" and bullish calls to investors. A man who took on, tit-for-tat, those of his guests who dared use his show and the national media to put forward inappropriate and irresponsible negative agendas- always making sure the viewer came away with a positive spin on the matter- no matter how dire the call for financial disaster. His ever-consistent, rock-solid confidence and savvy ultimately moved markets to the upside. Trust me.

God bless him.

And Cramer, oh Cramer. Let me count the ways. Cramer was perfectly unafraid to stand up to those who manipulate and destroy markets for a living. And I'm not talking about the Cramer who flies around his set with an ever-growing bunch of funny props, nor the man who fires up a legion of adoring college fans with "boo-yas." I'm talking about the Cramer who is undying in his pursuit of the truth and fairness in life, as well as the markets. I'm talking about the Cramer who, with nerves of steel, called on the government of the United States Of America to get off its proverbial butt and tackle the unfolding crisis before it was too late. And he showed them how. It took them awhile to catch on, but, eventually, they caught on.

We all owe Larry Kudlow and Jim Cramer a great, great debt of gratitude. Without these two men having been in the right place at the right time on CNBC- I shudder to think where the markets and the world economy would be right now. Yes- it's bad out there. But think of what it would be like had these two brave men not been in place in this time in history.

History will recall that these two Noble and Brave Men saved the markets- in the Year of our Lord- 2008.

Like two Glorious Knights who fought for King and Country and emerged victorious.

And, that's why they're the sexiest men alive...

GT McDuffy

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